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My name is Michelle and I am certified in the ThetaHealing® technique as Practitioner and Teacher. I offer life coaching and art as a therapeutic process.

I began my journey as a Wanderer between worlds when I first began noticing my dreams as premonitions. Once initiated as a psychonaut, the world became my oyster. I collected wisdom from different lineages, and have been initiated into their mysteries.
It wasn't until I had an unexpected crisis with Waywards Spirits and entities that tools began to emerge and I began my training in Thetahealing. Through this path, I have become truly empowered to embrace my gifts and to help others do the same.

My primary ethos is an unwavering commitment to decentralizing power and unlocking the chains that keep us from accessing our birthright.

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Personalized Appointments

Our personalized appointments provide hands on guidance to help you achieve your goals. Let us help you create a customized plan for optimal wellness.

As a practitioner, I listen and witness your process of transformation as we work to discover how your brain has been programmed to solve problems and protects itself. The patterns that once protected you may now be holding you back.

I’m here to help you lighten the load. I’m honest and positive, whose first priority is your wellbeing.

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Transformative Classes

Our transformative classes are designed to help you take control of your path to wellness. Founded in 1996 by Vianna Stibal, the journey to wellness has never looked more supportive or exciting.

I am here to support your spiritual core to be freed from fear so that you can then reawaken your deep place of wisdom.

The journey starts by connecting to your first sources of learning. Becoming aware of your feelings, judgments, beliefs, rules, attitudes, expectations, and methods of coping allow you to evaluate what programs no longer serve you.

When we are aware, we become empowered to choose, decide, manage and transform our own internal world and to interact in a more positive way with our relationships and environment.

Start unlocking your true potential today.

Theta healing Practitioner Courses
Theta healing Practitioner Courses

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Find objects that reflect your inner light and those that help you show up as your best self. Michelle's personal artistic path creates lots of beautiful little things. If you see something that you like, reach out. If you have a special event and want something handmade, reach out.

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