Amazing Workshop at Lightning in a Bottle

Reaching for our joy

Michelle Dawn

6/4/20231 min read

memory Palace workshops
memory Palace workshops

This festival does not disappoint...primarily because those that come, are seekers.

I managed the Memory Palace across from Beacon Stage, known by day for the alternative lifestyle world-famous speakers, and by night for its localized -but eclectic vibes. Everyone feels safe dancing around the cauldron. The compass is managed in partnership with The Oracles Arts, so every class and speaker series is thoughtfully managed. Shameless plug alert!- In addition to managing the memory palace, I was a guest speaker! If you were one of them, you can enjoy a coupon in my store for any item or class.

For those of you that missed it, I curated a few choice downloads to help the audience open up to the idea of being seen & heard, as well as personal capacities about knowing the difference between your thoughts and someone else's. For you empaths, you know exactly how difficult it can be to walk into a room and be bombarded with thoughts and feelings of everyone in the room.

Students also got a taste for guided meditation, tried on some telepathic skills, and learned to read an object. I LOVE this work. These and many other skills are available in the Rainbow Theta workshop. The full workshop is typically 5 days and I encourage you to hit me up to see how one or more of these individual class themes might fit into your next event.

I sincerely hope that we met this year, and if not... reach out and let's meet now!